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2017 Solar Eclipse

2017 Solar Eclipse

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February 3rd, 2017 at 8:00 pm CST

in the Science Auditorium of Assisi Hall on the campus of

Christian Brothers University


The Memphis Astronomical Society presents

The New Telescope Seminar

PART I – Optics and Telescopes * * by William J. Busler

Bill will cover the various types of telescope designs, power (magnification), the magnitude scale, finder scopes, and types of mountings. He will also go over how to set up and use various types of telescopes.


During the break, knowledgeable M.A.S. members will individually
assist visitors in setting up their telescopes.

PART II – Finding Celestial Objects * * by William J. Busler

Bill will demonstrate the use of sky maps in finding and learning the major constellations and locating important celestial objects. He will then cover how to use your telescope to find the Sun, Moon, and planets, naked-eye stars and deep-sky objects, and a few other interesting objects which are located near easily-found stars.

NOTE: During the meeting, January sky maps and set-up directions will be distributed.


Weather permitting, we will proceed outside to the parking lot, where once again, knowledgeable M.A.S. members will individually assist visitors in locating celestial objects with their own telescopes. (In case of inclement weather, we will
hold an informal question-and-answer session.)

About the M.A.S.

The Memphis Astronomical Society is a non-profit, public service organization promoting interest and education in astronomy and related sciences. Founded in 1953

The Memphis Astronomical Society, or M.A.S., is a public service organization which promotes understanding of the science of astronomy through free public lectures and demonstrations. Members are seldom professional astronomers. We work in many different occupations, some in the sciences, but most in other fields. We are amateurs in the basic sense of the word: we study astronomy because we love it. We seek to learn more about it through reading, conversation with other astronomers, professional as well as amateur, and especially through direct observation of celestial objects.

Contact us:
Phone Numbers and email
Ric Honey, President (901) 828-3112
Jeremy Veldman, VP Programs

(662) 418--7511
Mark Matthews, VP Observing (901) 755-5564
Bill Busler (901) 382-2246



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