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The Memphis Astronomical Society

will present the following presentations at our

Friday, December 6th, 2019

General meeting held at Christian Brothers University in the Science Auditorium of Assissi Hall.

The meeting begins at 8:00 pm

All MAS Programs are FREE and open to the general public.

What Telescope

should I buy?

by Ric Honey

If you are considering the purchase of a telescope, perhaps as a gift for yourself or someone else, whether it's your first telescope or an upgrade, this is the program for you. Ric Honey will open with a brief survey of the types of telescopes and some of the things to think about before picking one. He will also cover some of the essential observing accessories you may want to consider for that budding amateur astronomer in your life that already has a telescope. Experienced members of the M.A.S. with a variety of telescope designs and price points will have them set up in the lobby and will be there to answer questions you may have about the pros and cons of each. Refreshments will be available.

Note to M.A.S. members - this is a significant departure from the format of our previous December "How to Buy a Telescope" presentations. You haven't seen this one before! We encourage your presence to help answer questions of visitors.


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Asteroid named for local Amateur Astronomer

About the M.A.S.

The Memphis Astronomical Society is a non-profit, public service organization promoting interest and education in astronomy and related sciences. Founded in 1953

The Memphis Astronomical Society, or M.A.S., is a public service organization which promotes understanding of the science of astronomy through free public lectures and demonstrations. Members are seldom professional astronomers. We work in many different occupations, some in the sciences, but most in other fields. We are amateurs in the basic sense of the word: we study astronomy because we love it. We seek to learn more about it through reading, conversation with other astronomers, professional as well as amateur, and especially through direct observation of celestial objects.

The Memphis Astronomical Society is 501(c)(3) charitable educational society, and as such, donations may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor). If you care to make a donation, you may use the link below to so. We will be sure you recieve a reciept for your records.


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Jeremy Veldman, President

(662) 418-7511

Rebecca Love, VP Programs

(901) 451-4821

Mark Matthews, VP Observing

(901) 755-5564

Sarita Joshi, Treasurer

(901) 752-5761

Ric Honey, Web Servant

(901) 828-3112

Bill Busler, Ambassador

(901) 382-2246

Memphis Astronomical Society

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