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Next General Mtg. – Monday Aug. 5, 2024 

7:00pm CDT

Zoom only.

New robotic (smart) telescopes!



Public meeting … All are Invited


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February events coming.


See Calendar for more observing events

Important: we only send observing cancelation notices due to cloudy weather on day of event via email. Please subscribe to our list to stay informed (free of charge). Scroll down to 2nd form at the member info link.

Astrophotography Focus Meeting 

June 18,20204 — 7:00pm CDT. Meeting Link.






Monthly astro image above is by M.A.S. member Brent Ellis.

Monthly Meetings

The Memphis Astronomical Society hosts monthly meetings that showcase captivating speakers from the field of astronomy. These gatherings provide an opportunity for astronomy enthusiasts of all levels to come together, learn from experts, and engage in discussions about the latest discoveries and celestial phenomena. The meetings foster a vibrant community where members can share their passion for the cosmos and deepen their understanding of the universe. Meetings are at Rhodes College and are live streamed on zoom. Some meetings are Zoom only. All meetings are open to the general public.

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Astronomy observing events offer enthusiasts and professionals a unique opportunity to witness celestial wonders, from meteor showers and eclipses to the mesmerizing dance of planets across the night sky. These events foster a deeper connection with the cosmos and inspire awe and curiosity about the vastness of our universe.

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telescope mentoring


Under the guidance of a mentor, learn to skillfully operate your telescope, hone your ability to navigate the heavens and identify various celestial objects. As the mentor shares their expertise and enthusiasm, the learner gains not only technical proficiency but also a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the cosmos.

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MAS.fits Astrophotography

Whether you’re a seasoned astrophotographer or a beginner eager to capture the beauty of the night sky, our society provides a supportive environment to improve your astrophotography skills. Share your images, learn from experts, and receive constructive feedback to create stunning celestial photographs. Within the M.A.S. astrophotography sub-group, they humorously refer to themselves as the “misfits” (or should we say, the MAS.fits). It’s a playful nod to the “.fit” file format used in processing photos for their astronomical adventures. 

Visit MAS.fit page and prepare to be amazed.


Star Parties

Astronomy star parties offer an enchanting experience for stargazers, as they gather under the night sky to observe celestial wonders with telescopes and naked eyes. These events promote a sense of wonder and camaraderie, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cosmos and its myriad of beautiful stars, planets and deep-sky objects. 

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Member Benefits

For just $25 per year, you can support the volunteer non-profit Memphis Astronomical Society in its community outreach, telescope mentoring, talks, and observing events. Additionally, as a member, you gain exclusive access to benefits such as the MeteorWrite publication, a dedicated dark sky site, and a complimentary annual subscription to the astronomy weather forecast app Astropheric (normally priced at $39 per year). These valuable perks make the membership dues a truly worthwhile investment.

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Request our Services for an Event

We provide speakers to meet with your group. Or we can set up a telescope observing session free of charge. 

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Get Involved

The Memphis Astronomical Society is a non-profit, public service organization promoting interest and education in astronomy and related sciences. We are looking for volunteers to help with events. Use this link to see if there is any activity you would like to do.

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Donating to the Memphis Astronomical Society is a compelling way to support its activities and promote science education in our community. By contributing, you are fueling our efforts to inspire curiosity and fascination about the universe among people of all ages. Your donation will help fund engaging outreach programs, interactive workshops, and captivating stargazing events, creating opportunities for individuals to explore the depths of space and understand their place in the cosmos. Your support will have a lasting impact byenriching the minds of future generations. Please consider helping the Memphis Astronomical Society to continue its vital mission of enlightening minds and expanding our horizons beyond the stars.

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Star Charts

We know you can use an app to point at any star in the sky. But sometimes its fun to turn off technology and unplug for a while. This way you can go on a celestial treasure hunt and use the map to find constellations and deep sky objects that are visible to the naked eye. We recommend you use these maps at dark sky sites such as Burton’s Sugar Farm. With light pollution present in the city, you will not find 90% objects on this map. These maps were designed by the Memphis Astronomical Society for use at our 35°N Memphis latitude.

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telescope tricks

Telescopes Tips and Tricks

Helpful Information on Telescopes.

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M.A.S. Publication

Check out former M.A.S. president Dr. Bill Busler’s Messier booklets. He donates the proceeds to the Memphis Astronomical Society. Use this link for more information.

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Messier Marathon

Join our quest to see all 110 Messier objects in the night sky in one night. Warning, this is an “all nighter”. Use this link for more information.

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Eclipse 2023-2024

Some rare eclipse events are happening this year and next year.

Eclipse Hub

mas gear

If you want Memphis Astronomical Society gear use our online store at CafePress. This is not a fund-raiser, but a convenience for you if you want to wear our gear at astronomy events.

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