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About the Memphis Astronomical Society

The Memphis Astronomical Society is a non-profit, public service organization promoting interest and education in astronomy and related sciences. Founded in 1953.

The Memphis Astronomical Society, or M.A.S., is a public service organization promoting an understanding of the science of astronomy through free public lectures and demonstrations and observing events. Members are seldom professional astronomers. We work in many different occupations, some in the sciences, but most in other fields. We are amateurs in the basic sense of the word: we study astronomy because we love it. We seek to learn more about it through reading, conversation with other astronomers, professional as well as amateur, and especially through direct observation of celestial objects.

The Memphis Astronomical Society is a 501(c)(3) charitable educational society, and as such, donations may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor). If you care to make a donation, you may use the link below to do so. We will be sure you receive a receipt for your records.

The Memphis Astronomical Society is always looking for Volunteers:

  • Outreach team: Help with organizing, hosting and presenting for programs and observing sessions
  • Finance team: Assist the treasurer
  • Content team: Support VP of Programs, find/recruit speakers
  • Publicity: Assist Secretary, content for newsletter, flyers, press releases, print content for upcoming events
  • Telescope Mentoring : Instruct people on how to use telescopes
  • Legacy: Organize/gather/archive past M.A.S material, to preserve the ‘legacy’ of M.A.S and the astronomical community
  • Other team: Do you have an idea for another team that can help the Memphis Astronomical Society, let us know!

Volunteers are needed (members and non-members) to field these teams. Please email us with your interests at info@


As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate financially or actively. You can attend our meetings and events and participate in community outreach programs, spreading the wonders of astronomy to schools, libraries, and various events. By sharing your passion for the cosmos, you’ll inspire and educate others, making a positive impact on the local community. We offer outreach programs at no cost. Your annual membership fee and generous donations help continue this service. Please Join today!

Our Corporate Charter
Our Corporate Charter