Messier Marathon

Welcome to the astronomical extravaganza of the year – the Memphis Astronomical Society’s Messier Marathon!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a night of celestial marvels as we host an extraordinary event dedicated to exploring the famous Messier catalog. Named after the renowned 18th-century astronomer Charles Messier, this collection comprises 110 breathtaking deep-sky objects, ranging from dazzling star clusters to ethereal galaxies and mesmerizing nebulae.

For one unforgettable night, we invite seasoned astronomers and aspiring stargazers alike to join us under the starry canvas of the Memphis sky. Armed with telescopes, binoculars, and a passion for the cosmos, we’ll embark on an adventure to observe and document as many Messier objects as possible.

The Messier Marathon is a true test of astronomical prowess, challenging participants to locate and identify a multitude of these celestial wonders throughout the night. With the guidance of experienced members from the Memphis Astronomical Society, attendees will be equipped with invaluable tips and techniques to navigate the night sky, uncovering the hidden treasures that Messier left for us to explore.

This event is not just a competition of observation, but a celebration of our shared fascination with the universe. We’ll revel in the beauty of distant galaxies, appreciate the delicate intricacy of star clusters, and be awestruck by the ghostly wisps of nebulae. Together, we’ll forge unforgettable memories and kindle a lifelong love for astronomy.

So, mark your calendars (usually close to the vernal equinox) and gather your astronomical gear, because the Memphis Astronomical Society’s Messier Marathon promises an evening of cosmic wonders that will leave you inspired and enthralled. Join us as we venture into the heart of the night, guided by the light of distant stars, and experience the magic that only the universe can offer.

Get ready for a late night! This book gives you an hour by hour plan.